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Akui - The Insane Cultists is a mystery/horror first person adventure in the D.O.A.S. universe.

A friend has disappeared who sent you some documents. After you have viewed everything he sent you, you embark on a journey into a dark parallel world where some puzzles and many monsters await you.

If you want to check if the game runs smooth on your system please download the demo first.

Game features:

  • Game systems: Riddles, searching and creature evading
  • Mystery/horror scenario
  • Autosave
  • 6 Levels
  • 44 minutes soundtrack as mp3s
  • Short intro before every level
  • Resolution and quality settings for your best gaming experience

Short ingame trailer:


Response to comments may take a little longer than usual in the coming weeks, but I'll try to respond promptly.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags3D, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Monsters, Mystery, riddle, Singleplayer


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Akui Demo Win 188 MB
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Akui FULL GAME Mac.zip 592 MB
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Hi! I looked through Meeka's walkthrough and liked your game! May I help you with translation into Russian for non-English speakers?


Thank you very much for your offer. No translations are currently planned, I would have to rebuild some graphics and a significant part of the programming, but it doesn't mean that I won't implement an extended version at a later date. I just have to weigh the cost and benefit. But thanks again for your offer!


I can best explain the game as you are completing puzzles while walking across a tightrope. It was fun but quite time consuming for the puzzle size.

The puzzles were fun and took some time to work out, I think the main difficulty was that it was a memory game. Was I capable of remembering what I am looking for while focusing on not dying? This really made levels a challenge like the last, in which I ended up writing out notes to remember what I needed. Especially on the last level where the notes were scattered through the level.

You can’t really see in the video but a lot was cut out, mainly getting lost or a lot of dying. It was to the point that I kept walking off the edge as I was too focused on avoiding the monsters floating above.

Still it was a fun game, and I really loved the puzzles.

Wow, thank you for your video. I was worried about tightening the difficulty too much too quickly. What some see as a challenge, others find frustrating. Especially since there is no inventory and, as you write, you have to remember everything. I'll look at your walkthrough later today, and then I'll get back to you!

Thank you for your video, and phrases like: "My brain is functioning, and it kinda hurts." That made my old heart jump :D

I was afraid the puzzles would be confusing but your walkthrough was fire! And I liked that you didn't show everything, like where to get to which button at the temple, or what's in which room in the last level. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe play it again. Btw in level 2 there is reference to the cultist symbol in the room with the lockers. You can see the symbol painted on the wall.

May I ask how long the uncut time was playing it?

Thanks again, and I hope you liked the soundtrack too.

All the best, B.


niiice game !

Thanks a lot!


The game is really interesting, with straight off the bat learning of cultists and other dimensions. I am really curious what the full game will be like,  what other dimensions we will go into.

Looking forward to the full release, and I will go back and play the first games in the series.

Thank you for your video!!! I think I tried to cram a little too much into the game, storywise. But everything that is explained in the intros and later in the game is connected. And btw. the whole game is already finished and I've already uploaded it here. Thank yu very much again for taking the time to play Akui!


Amazing game. Congrats.

Thank you for your walkthrough from the demo!!!

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92/100 VERY GOOD

Thank you for your video, the very good rating and the time you took to play Akui!

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nice game

Thank you for your video, I hope you liked the atmosphere!


Great one

Thank you for your video, I hope you enjoyed the demo!


Very good, thought it would be like that last teaser but it was not.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

The teaser is a bit different, because the game was actually planned differently, you should go straight to the subway scene with the original protagonist, but some circumstances made me throw (almost) everything overboard. I hope you still liked it!


Cool demo. I do hope that later levels have some more types of threats besides just avoiding things.

Thank you for your video! With Akui I tried more to combine the puzzles and the story, but I tried to show as much as possible in the demo. There is no combat though, but reactive dodging and fleeing, I put more emphasis on the puzzle aspect. I hope this helped you.


Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel.

This was a cool horror game about getting past obstacles to find the exit or items required to escape. When I saw the name of this game, it looked really familiar to me and I realised that I have played an older version of the game before 2 years ago or something. I was looking forward to more storytelling if there was a future update to the game and was happy that there was more storytelling involved in the game but I felt that it was still kinda insufficient. When I was thrown into the first part of the game, I liked how the game looks as the surroundings were dark, foggy and properly decorated with items. However, it would have been cool if there was some form of direction given to the player, like the objective of the level as it felt like I was being thrown into some random place and have to figure everything out on my own. The second part of the game was definitely really nerve-wracking as it was really stressful to walk through the entire map without touching the strange creatures. 

After playing the game, I am really happy about the warning screens shown before starting the game as it makes the game look very professional and serious in what they are doing. I also liked the short storytelling parts and would love it even more if there was voice-acting involved as well. It would be good if more was done to prepare the player before each level like telling the player the objective of each level when they start the level as I didn't know I had to light up the lamps in the second level before seeing a lamp on the ground and trying to click on it.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


Thank you, that was very detailed. I think the line between "taking the player by the hand" and "throwing the player into the action with no information" is narrower than you might think. I like games where you have to figure out "almost" everything, but of course I know that it can be frustrating when you have no idea what's going on. I have summarized the basic functions and tasks in the individual menu items, but I should also summarize the game mechanics again on the download page.

The clues to the puzzle are sometimes well hidden, I will probably have to mention on the download page that you also have to take your time with Akui, you play best here if you approach the solution calmly. Which of course isn't that easy since there are also the monsters that are scattered throughout each level.

Finally, thank you again for the time you put into the video and this comprehensive comment. I will try to implement your input as well.

I hope you enjoyed the demo, by the way, of course I already follow you on YT. :)


Will be looking forward to the next part of the game and thanks for the support!


Before I forget, the full game and soundtrack should be out today or tomorrow.


Visually stunning! Perfection over the first teaser, but not quite..

I loved playing the first "Akui" teaser, which gave out amazing vibes, fantastic atmosphere and very intuitive puzzles. I still remember leaving a playthrough comment on that game, back in 2020. 

This game, it does deliver upon the story, it does have a richer environment and the creepy tentacle/virion monsters do look spooky, but somehow, the puzzle aspect of it and finding those 8 lanterns felt flat for me. 

Not to say that the game is bad, not at all, I think it has a perfect execution, mesmerizing, raw visuals and great sound design, but just that looking around for the lanterns did not work for me. I also heard some background noises and though there was a monster chasing me, but it did not have that, or maybe something glitched and I did not get to see the monster.

Either way, I am glad, I enjoyed the demo and can't wait for you to make a full game out of it. Happy to see GamesByBass continuing development with this. Good luck! 

First of all, thank you for your input. During Akui I saw that you released some games and sometimes I thought I was getting too old for the business. To be honest, there were times when I was close to shutting it down, but in the last few months I've been able to finish the project nicely. And why am I backing out, that's also why the Akui was different than the 2020 teaser. There were technical and visual decisions that threw the project upside down a few times. The fact that there is no real puzzle in the demo, but there is in the following levels is certainly a problem, but I didn't want to take a later level and present it as a demo. Akui's game content has become a bit broader than was intended in the teaser, even if the collecting aspect in level 2 is not very complex, so you have to deal more with the monsters and in level 2 you also learn something important for later in the game.

But that could also be the next problem with Akui, I tried to pack a lot of history into the game, which I also try to convey: parallel dimension, the D.O.A.S., the cult, the possibilities that exist in the parallel dimension, the protagonists , the connections between the institutions and characters, etc.

Because of the background noise I had to think a bit, it could be that due to the different ground conditions you only hear one or two footsteps that sound different than usual. There are 3 sounds for footsteps: concrete, wood, metal, but there are some wood and metal plates on the ground in level 2, maybe it gave the impression that something is near you. Otherwise there is only the ambient music, the opponent's fx and a soft click when you activate a grave light.

In any case, thanks a lot for your detailed comment and your time to play Akui!!! It can always take a while for me to reply, because my day job is currently keeping me in suspense. :)


I am very thankful for the nicest comment ever and I truly am the cheering spirit behind fantastic developers like you, the reason why I might have been harsh. Honestly, both demos are fantastic and can't wait to see what will come out. Definitely you are doing your best and story wise this game is very unique. All the best to you and to the game. Cheers! 


I didn't think you were harsh, good and honest criticism helps me to improve myself, especially since it comes from someone who makes games himself. So, thanks again!


Before I forget, the full game and soundtrack should be out today or tomorrow.